Volvo take the plunge & decide against fully automated cars


Volvo will not launch any fully autonomous production cars in the foreseeable future and intends only to bring partially-autonomous vehicles to markets instead.

According to online reports, Volvo’s position on fully autonomous cars was confirmed during the company’s recent reveal of its 40 series concept cars, which preview an all-new V40 and XC40 compact crossover.


Volvo’s decision not to make completely driverless cars may surprise some given that Volvo has dedicated a lot of time and effort to testing cars with autonomous technology at test facilities and on public roads in its homeland Sweden.

However, Volvo reportedly believes that autonomous driving support is best suited to monotonous driving like negotiating traffic jams or motorways. Volvo believes drivers will want to retain control of their car in situations when driving fun is possible.

It’s also reported that Volvo plans to take full responsibility if a driver has an accident in one of their cars while using an autonomous driving mode, whereas other manufacturers have only talked about taking partial responsibility.