Volvo to test Self-Driving Cars in London

Volvo Car Group initiates world unique Swedish pilot project with self-driving cars on public roadsThe trial called Drive Me London will start in 2017 and then be further expanded in 2018. The cars will operate with real families on-board and will collect data to ensure that future AD (Autonomous Driving) vehicles can cope with real world situations.

Volvo is at the forefront of autonomous vehicle technology and was the first company to state that users of their AD vehicles will be insured against any accidents that happen whilst a Volvo is in fully autonomous mode.

“Autonomous driving (AD) represents a leap forward in car safety, ……… The sooner AD cars are on the roads, the sooner lives will start being saved.” said Håkan Samuelsson, president of Volvo Cars.

Autonomous drivingResearch suggests that upto 30% of current accidents caused by driver error could be prevented by the use of AD cars. Also there is the potential for big reductions in CO2 emissions are improvements in fuel economy.

The first fully autonomous cars are predicted to be on the roads by 2021 and we are sure that Volvo will be at the front of this push.