What’s next for SEAT?

Did you know the Audi Q3 ranks the highest for customer satisfaction for Audi customers in the USA? It may surprise you but it’s certainly true that the quality throughout Audi vehicles is also visible in every SEAT car that is built in Martorell near Barcelona in Spain. The Q3 is built in Martorell rather than Ingolstadt, Germany.

Building Citroen’s, Peugeot’s, Renault’s, Nissan’s, Fords and Volkswagen’s, Audi’s and SEAT’s Spain is the 8th biggest vehicle producing country in the world. With 475,000 of the vehicles built in Spain back in 2015 being SEAT’s they are actually the country’s biggest vehicle manufacturer.

SEAT’s ‘head-turning’ car is the Leon which is evident as it has been a huge success and brought SEAT back to breaking-even after a long 8 year of losses.

Now looking to the future, SEAT is reflecting its success in the form of the new SUV, the SEAT Ateca. Chairman of SEAT, Luca de Meo, calls the development of the Ateca “giving people the cars they want.”

SEAT acknowledges that it is unlikely that buyers will pay over 30,000 Euros for a SEAT and is shown in their reluctance of stepping higher up in the market.

In the next 5 years SEAT will focus on style and ensure that every new SEAT will obtain similar curves and details of the Leon and Ateca. Did you know that one of the many reasons why a SEAT delivers a fantastic ride is because the suspension engineers of SEAT have been consistently the best in the VAG group?

SEAT is not stopping there! In true ‘Technology to Enjoy’ style, they are working on further developing the connectivity within their cars. A newly founded partnership with Samsung enables them to develop the connected vehicle systems of the future.

Here at Swindon SEAT, we are excited for what SEAT will do next – we love the technology that SEAT already offers in their Spanish beauties but just imagine where the future of technology could take us. The possibility of your car being able to automatically pay for congestion charges, toll bridges; for it to renew insurance and road tax itself and remind you when MOT’s are due are very desirable features.

If you were waiting for it, then I apologize for announcing that at present there are no plans for any electric SEATS within the next few years. However, it is a pipeline idea that hybrids will be introduced to the SEAT family possibly using the VAG’s 48 volt system.

SEAT has the quality, the looks & the technology to enjoy and they are continuing to build the SEAT family.

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