Who Could Be the New Top Gear Presenter?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month, you will have likely heard that Chris Evans has quit his role as a main presenter of hit BBC motoring show Top Gear after just one series at the helm.

The job was never going to be an easy one. After all, Evans faced the tough task of filling the mighty boots left by the controversial yet much-loved trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

Now that the dust has settled on Evans’ exit from the show though, the main question that fans have is a simple one: who will be the next Top Gear presenter(s)?

Motorparks takes a look at three worthy candidates who are being heavily backed for the job:


Candidate #1: Jenson Button

Famous for: Being a Formula 1 driver since 2000; a career which peaked when he was crowned 2009 world champion when racing for Brawn GP.

Why he should be considered: Button was showered with praise when he appeared on the most recent series of Top Gear for a one-off feature. Presented alongside Evans, the F1 driver was praised for being funny, relaxed and very clued-up about the motoring industry.


Candidate #2: Guy Martin

Famous for: Initially a motorcycle racer of the Isle of Man TT events, who has since shot to even more fame through his Channel 4 series Speed with Guy Martin.

Why he should be considered: At just 34 years old, Martin would bring plenty of youth to Top Gear. He also has plenty of plaudits due to his flamboyant style to presenting and adventurous approach to all things motoring.


Candidate #3: Suzi Perry

Famous for: Being synonymous with presenting sports on TV. In fact, since she contacted Sky Sports in 1997, Perry has played a part in hosting the Boat Race, the Great North Run, the Olympics, Royal Ascot, Formula 1, Speedway among many other activities. She can currently be seen on BT Sport providing coverage for MotoGP.

Why she should be considered: German racing driver Sabine Schmitz was part of the packed team that hosted the most recent series of Top Gear – but perhaps it is time that a woman sat at the helm of the show. Who better than Perry? She has a wealth of experience presenting motorsports, plus was once even approached to be a part of show when it was revamped in 2002.


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