Would you report parking offences to the authorities for a £10 reward?

A new app has been released which encourages people to report parking offences for a £10 reward has immediately come under criticism from motoring organisations. Any users of the UK Car Park Management app (CPM) are able to anonymously report illegally parked vehicles just by send a photograph. The app uses the picture and DVLA to identify the owner and issue them with a fine. The driver will be completely unaware if the fine has come from a warden or a member of the public. James Randall, managing director of CPM spoke to the Mirror and explained, “The problem is not with the app but with drivers that do not respect people’s land. Now you can take action yourself. The photo uploaded to the app is just the evidence and every one is looked at by a member of staff before a ticket is printed.”

The app has been criticized from day 1 with RAC spokesman Simon Williams describing it as “being wrong on so many levels it beggars belief. The sharp practices of parking companies are already regularly called into question with paid officials dishing out fines, but with members of the public being financially encouraged to shop motorists who overstay, it’s a recipe for disaster.”

AA president Edmund King compared the app to cowboy clampers and modern day highwaymen.

Do you link the app will prevent bad parking, or at least cut down?


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Source – http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/consumer-news/98511/parking-vigilantes-earn-10-reporting-illegally-parked-cars-on-new-app – 06/02/2017

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