2016 Nissan GT-R Review

Nissan adds power, purpose and fun – to its a  GT-R sports car. But in its ninth year on sale, isn’t the car Due a replacement??


Nine years is a ripe old age for any modern production car to reach these days

GT-R has been nipped, tucked and fettled in order to remain competitive against considerably fresher rivals,

such as the porsche 911 and jag f-type

As part of what Nissan describes as the biggest facelift in the current model’s history, the GT-R gets styling, suspension, engine, interior and structural changes for the 2017-model-year version. A new grille, bonnet and bumpers front and rear increase engine cooling and high-speed downforce without increasing aerodynamic drag.

Price of this vehicle is not much short change of £80,000

New adaptive dampers, a stiffened body structure, a smoother-running twin-clutch gearbox and improved cabin insulation makes the GT-R a much better-mannered car than it used to be.

the engine revision comes which throws an extra 20hp on the 3.8 v6 engine increasing it to 563hp which is awesomely fast! d861ba96b5cff60f21051e69b16c4de25a22e06b


the interior still looks great with a sat nav and air con to suit also a brilliant sound system as well

the vehicles leather seats are comfortable enough for a long journey

The other main update inside the car is a new infotainment system with an 8.0in colour touchscreen display, and a new multi-function display command controller positioned on the transmission tunnel that allows you to cycle between functions without jabbing at the screen.

The system’s multi-function meter mode should continue to be popular with keen drivers; it allows you to call up as many dials for things like coolant temperature, oil pressure and turbo boost as you could ever want. Overall, the display’s resolution seems a bit basic and its responsiveness to inputs can be slow, however.

this car still costs less than a 911 carrera s coupe


all in all if you want fun then choose the nissan gt-r and at a great price as well.