2017 Honda Civic 1.0 Prototype

Honda have made a prototype of a Honda Civic with a 1.0 litre engine. they are going along with the trend of downsizing engines fitted with a turbocharge in the next generation of it’s Civic. like you find in cars like the Ford Focus Ecoboost. As Honda know they need to beat their rivals that have already bought out this kind of car and make it more efficient family hatchback.

The 1.0 litre is designed to replace the four cylinder 1.8 litre petrol in the 2017 Civic line up. It will offer 127bhp and 148lb ft of torque but should help with the cars fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as Honda are aiming for 99g/km on the car with a manual transmission.

The new engine does have some sophisticated components, such as the all-aluminium construction for less weight and the Honda’s VTEC technology to help with flexibility.

Honda are still putting finally touches to this car and hopefully it’ll be on par with the Golf 1.2, Focus 1.0 and the Astra 1.0.







Honda Civic 1.0 Prototype figures

Price from £16,000 (est)

Engine 3 cyls, 1.0 litre petrol

Power 127bhp

Torue 148lb ft

Economy 66mpg (est)

CO2 Emissions 99g/km (est)

0-62mph 9.5 seconds (est)

Top Speed 130mph (est)