75 Degree Parking Assist Suspension


German company ZF introduces their Smart Urban Vehicle concept

People who live in urban areas need a vehicle that can manoeuvre around the city easily with its tight corners and difficult and small parking spaces.

ZF’s concept has a “highly innovative” front axle which allows the steering to reach an angle of 75 degrees.  ZF says this “reduces the steering effort substantially during parking and turning manoeuvres, and, in turn, increases the manoeuvrability.”

The concept car also has a Smart Parking Assist system which allows the car to automatically park.

To do this, the car has twelve ultrasound sensors and two infrared sensors which can find an available parking space and then guide the car into it.

The car also has a PreVision Cloud Assist assistance system that uploads the car’s route to the cloud.  As ZF explains, “If the driver follows the same route again, the system calculates the optimum speed for an approaching bend on the basis of these empirical data and actual vehicle data. The assistance function then throttles back the torque early on before entering the bend, to the point where the bend can be negotiated without any mechanical braking. All of which not only protects the vehicle’s battery and braking system, but also provides greater safety particularly on blind corners.”

If there is a cloud based route system how long till you can plan your journey and other vehicles with the same system can scan the area you want to park as they pass to let you know in advance if there is a parking space available and adjust your route accordingly. If there are a number of vehicles with this system constantly scanning your system will be constantly updated for you saving the head ache of finding a parking space.