And the Award for best selling car goes too….


Well the car of the year awards have been and gone but there was really only one winner in terms of car sales. The Ford Fiesta once again dominated June with 11,357 of total vehicle registrations for June being for a Ford Fiesta. The Ford Fiesta has stretched its lead over its rivals even further now racking up 68,833 sales for 2016. To put that in perspective that is some 26000 further sales over the Fiesta’s closest rival.

The British public have always had a love affair with the Ford Fiesta; in fact more cars have been sold in the UK bearing the Ford Fiesta badge than any other model of car. The Ford Fiesta has been a prolific best seller ever since the current version went on sale in 2008, with a facelift applied in 2013 the Ford Fiesta retained it’s status as the UK’s favourite car.

When you take a look at the Fiesta it’s not hard to see why it’s so favoured, stylish looks, solid build and comfortable. But it’s the handling that really sets it apart from it’s rivals; an involving fun driving experience that has been likened to some sports cars. A full five star crash rating is reassuring and the the most economical models can achieve in the region of 85Mpg. It’s no wonder the Ford Fiesta is the British public’s favourite car.