Are you ready for Winter?

Are you ready for Winter? ……. winter has definitely arrived so are you prepared. Is you car ready to handle for what may come, SNOW!

Here at Invicta Tunbridge Wells Honda and Mazda we are doing a Winter health check for £29.99.

In the winter check we will check:

  • Bodywork and wheels
  • Washers/wipers, horn
  • Lights internal and external
  • Transmission
  • Exhaust
  • Interior
  • Belt and levels
  • Engine oil
  • Engine
  • Brake Fluid
  • Coolant
  • Steering and suspension
  • Brakes
  • Battery
  • Air Con
  • Tyres

Winter tyres are available if wanted and the price range from £58+ (dependent on type and size)

There is a lot that needs to be looked into to make sure you are set for what winter bring and as they say better to be safe than sorry!

To book please call on 0800 500 200


Tips for winter driving

  • Slow down – your speed will directly affect your stopping distance and chance of skidding.
  • Don’t travel at the speed limit. Because of the stopping distance in snow or ice, you should be travelling slowly.
  • Avoid harsh braking or acceleration – come to a smooth stop so you don’t slide.
  • If you’re caught in a snow drift, do not leave the engine on to keep warm. This can be extremely dangerous. Turn it off, call emergency services and let help come to you.
  • Aside from ice and snow, avoid any deep water pooling on the road and slow down when driving over surface water to avoid aquaplaning.
  • Braking on a bend is dangerous as you may lose control of the car. Reduce your speed well ahead of a bend.
  • Use engine braking by reducing gears to help slow you down without using the brakes too heavily.
  • Leave up to 10x the distance you’d usually keep between yourself and the car in front when the weather is poor.
  • Use dipped headlights when visibility is reduced.
  • If you find yourself stuck in snow, do not rev in a low gear as this will worsen the situation. Instead, switch to a higher gear and move the car back and forwards to edge out.




Snow covered car windscreen