Cambria ‘Reset Guest Experience’ (Covid-19) Conference

As we travel through a year of unprecedented circumstances that were completely outside of our control we took to the worldwide web and ran our first ‘Virtual’ conference successfully on Friday 11th September.

Whilst undoubtedly different and challenging for all our associates the message of ‘Reset – Guest Experience’ resounded clearly.

Mark Lavery – CEO at Cambria Automobiles plc

“There is a guest at the end of everything we do”

As always Cambria Automobiles will continue to heavily focus on making the incremental gains that improve the experience we offer to all our guests visiting our dealerships or our websites as move forward into our new financial year.

Tim Duckers – Managing Director at Cambria Automobiles plc
David Peake – Aftersales Director at Cambria Automobles plc &
Graham Betts – Group Parts Manager at Cambria Automobiles plc

“It’s really worth it”

Thank you to all our associates – we really appreciate your support and going above and beyond during an incredibly difficult few months for all.