Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover – The all-new (really) Fiat 500 – If it ain’t broke why fix it?



EIGHT years and more than 1.5 million units since it was dispatched (on the 50th commemoration of the first launch) the fruitful and notable Fiat 500 clears a path for another variant.

Holding the unmistakable look that has made it a worldwide smash hit, the new FIAT 500 hasn’t developed in size, or too much in looks for that matter, it has however developed in development, with cutting edge innovation, enhanced productivity, considerably more customisation, and an re-invigorated outside and inside.

No less than 1,800 updates have been made, all intended to enhance the possession factor and refine its supreme style. Most changes can be found at the front: the new 500 holds the “face” of its antecedents with headlights which are still roundabout fit as a fiddle, yet which embrace inventive polyellptical modules for enhanced night vision and additional security.

These illumination bunches incorporate the plunged pillar headlamps and turn signs, while lower light group coordinates the principle shaft headlights and LED daytime running lights, which receive the round profile of the light to graphically recreates the zeros of ‘500’ logo.




The hat holds its particular, customary clamshell structure, another gesture to its fabulous ancestor, while the trapezoidal nose gets more declared ribbing and the assistant air vent is presently sustained by means of a three-dimensional grille (with chrome-impact catches on the Lounge rendition) flanked by chrome brightwork to give the auto more grounded visual vicinity.

New amalgam wheel outlines are new to the model. Pop Star and Lounge models have 15-inch composites as standard (a £320 alternative on Pop models) with 16-inch wheels accessible as a £370 choice on Pop models and a £130 redesign choice on Pop Star and Lounge models.




The shading palette now adds up to 13 tones, including seven uncommon pastel shades and five metallic hues.

Two striking dark yellow and dark red variations are likewise accessible as a major aspect of the FIAT 500 Second Skin program which offers a scope of customisation choices equipped for fulfilling each innovative taste possible.

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