DOVES VOLVO – S/V90 LAUNCH EVENT – Hosted at South Lodge Exclusive Hotel

The Volvo S/V90’s have been a big game changer for Volvo, really putting out into the public eye that Volvo are heading for a higher standard of premium luxury. Taking on the likes of AUDI, BMW, Jaguar and so on. Although the XC90 was the first of the new breed it was to be expected to be an amazing car due to the success of the first generation and that it has always been Volvo’s top car in terms of price. Finally it was expected to be luxurious due to the high competitive market of the SUV’s. The S/V90 are the replacements for the much more traditional Volvo V70 and S80’s, with these cars following the same suit as the new XC90 they hit home a lot harder to the current Volvo Customers and the rest of the car market! Making a huge impression.




So Doves Volvo South Dealerships (Gatwick , Croydon & Horsham) joined forces to give a big warm welcome to these new cars and to compliment their luxury style, they hosted a big launch even in the exclusive 5* South Lodge Hotel just outside Horsham.  This Hotel have been host to countless high end events even hosting the the G20 Summit in 2009 with a huge amount of world leaders in attendance. The perfect place then for Doves to host an exclusive car event!




Invites were sent out way before the day to guests that have either shown interest in the new cars or have been a loyal Volvo guests, they were invited down for a test drive and to come and see the cars up close and to insure they could get a slot. Then closer to the event time the event was published openly to everyone to come down. So it ended up becoming a very busy and eventful day for both Doves and South Lodge.

But of course Doves had all of the other cars of the Volvo range on display as well,  everyone in attendance made sure they could have a good look at every Volvo and they could make an informed choices on which was the best car for their personal needs! Doves had a numbers of sales executives and managers to answer all of the guests questions and a number of professional drivers from Volvo themselves for the test drives. Not forgetting the reception service booking guests in, offering tea & coffees and finally Doves employees greeting people at the front door and walking them down though the hotel to the event.




90 Guests arrived in total with 30 test drives of the V90 and 10 of the S90. 2 cars were sold on the day (one of which being the cars in the room on display) and Doves have seemed to have good success following! Meaning lots of happy guests. A very successful day!


See More Photos Of The Day Below!