Edenbridge Motor Show with MX-5 Driver Social club

Here at Invicta Motors Tunbridge Wells we’re asked by the MX-5 Driver club if we could bring the Brand New MX-5 to the Edenbridge Motor Show to complete the MX-5 range, and of course we were happy to oblige.

the MX-5 Driver social club if for anyone who has an MX-5 and would like to be apart of it. It is free membership and if it something you would like to join have a look hereĀ mx5driver.com

The start of the day was rather misty while setting up, then the sun came out just as the show had begun.




The start looking a tad miserable


When the show began so did the sun





The stand was organised spectacularly, having the MX-5 family from the MK1-MK4 at the front and then aligning the others up the side with the special features in the middle.






Definitely worth a trip next to go down as see.





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Meet the guys and gals!



W and W Stand 2015 3




Snippet of other cars at the Edenbridge Motor Show



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