Fiesta ST claims What Car? best hot hatch for third year running amid rumours of an ST Plus


“Not only is the Fiesta brilliant to drive, it’s more fun than some cars costing £100,000; it really does feel like a mini rally car for the road.” Great words from What Car? as they awarded the Fiesta ST its third consecutive ‘Best Hot Hatch’ award. Ford have announced sales of the Fiesta have reached nearly 18,500 since it’s 2013 release, almost 3,5000 more than Ford were inspecting.

Rumours have been floating around for months of a Fiesta RS, with Ford continually refusing to confirm anything is in the pipeline. March hosts the Geneva Motor Show are rumours are strong again of a hotter Fiesta ST, not the RS some may be expecting but a harder ST, named the ST Plus. A sharper chassis and more aggressive bodykit are expected from the new car and surely some extra power from it’s current 212bhp 1.6 turbocharged engine.

With 7 new Ford vehicles ecpected in the year, could the Fiesta ST Plus be the first?

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Source – – 15/2/16

Source – – 15/2/16