Ford Camera Based Adaptive Lighting Systems

As any driver knows driving on unlit country roads can sometimes be a tense experience. Ford are new lighting technologies that will hopefully help to make for a safer more pleasant nighttime driving experience. A camera based adaptive lighting system will actively scan the road layout ahead and widen the beam at both roundabous and junctions.

Based on the current Adaptive Front Lighting Traffic Sign Recognition Systems, the technology interprets traffic signs and uses GPS positioning information to enhance the lighting on hazards which may have not come into view yet, such as blind bends, dips and blind crests on hills.

If GPS information is not available for a certain location the video camera will detect the road markings and intelligently adjust the headlight beam to match the the curvature of the road. The system is so intelligent that it records this data and then automatically makes the changes to the course of the road automatically.

Spot lighting is another system currently developed, a special infra-red camera mounted in the front grille can locate and track people and larger animals such as dogs at a range of upto 120 metres!


The system highlights hazards to the driver via a spot and beam on the road surface and also highlights the potential hazards on the in the internal screen.