Ford continue working towards driverless cars with more autonomous technology


Before Ford’s very first fully autonomous car goes in sale in 2021, the blue oval will continue to develop and release new driver assistance technologies. It is clear to see that driverless cars, along with fully electric vehicles are the next big thing in the automotive industry but Lisa Brankin, marketing director for Ford of Britain explained the following to AutoCar magazine. “I don’t believe fully autonomous cars will be on our roads in any big number for at least another decade,“when [fully autonomous technology] comes, it won’t come all at once; driverless cars won’t be everywhere straight away.” Ford has added systems such as Active Park Assist and Lane Keep Assist to certain models all ready and Brankin further explained that by using a step-by-step approach, each system will be added together and fitted into a new car to complete their first fully autonomous vehicle. She also hinting at the possibility of a semi-autonomous car before 2021.


Lisa Brankin pictured with Ford UK Director of Sales, Kevin Griffin

Ford have recently announced they are working on a new automatic braking system, which works alongside it’s rear view camera and applies the brakes to prevent an accident when reversing. The blue oval have also confirmed development has started on an evasive steering aid that can steer to avoid hazards and Brankin described these “as an example of the steady but significant progress the brand is making towards full autonomy.”

Exciting times are ahead for new cars, with the rise in advanced driverless technology and push towards fully electric vehicles. We are really looking forward to seeing what Ford has to offer in the coming years.

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Source – – 22/11/2016