Ford EcoBoost powering Radical RXC Track Car


As the popularity for track days increases, the demand for special track day only cars is growing also. Radical are a market leader for these types of car, and with the help and power of Ford and their EcoBoost engines, they are demonstrating just how impressive these powertrains are.

The RXC comes with a choice of 2 EcoBoost engines, either 3.7-litre 24-valve V6 or a 3.5-litre, twin-turbocharged direct injection EcoBoost V6. The later unit generates a staggering 454PS, keeping the track car in hyper car territory. The benefits of using Ford’s engines don’t just stop at the impressive power, being a EcoBoost system, the running costs are kept low, the reliability remains very high and with the help of Radical’s extremely talented technicians, the car is kept drivable. Thanks to Radical’s own fly-by-wire throttle, the RXC meets Euro 5 emissions and service internals are pushed up to every 10,000km.

Images – – 22/09/15