Ford EcoSport loses it’s rear mounted spare wheel!

When the Ford EcoSport was first released, the media and the many members of the buying public all asked the same question; Can we get it without a rear mounted spare wheel? Well you spoke and Ford listened.

The new version of the Ford EcoSport SUV will now be available with or without a rear mounted spare wheel. For many people it will be a question of aesthetics, prefering the lines of the vehicle without the rear mounted wheel for others tit may be the slightly shortened overall length giving enhanced manourabbility and improved access to tighter parking spaces. The rear mount free version will of course come with a tyre inflation kit.


New Ford Ecosport copy


As well as the choice of an optional mounted wheel there have been a few other tweeks. The Ford Ecosport is now available with the Winter Pack that features heated mirrors, windscreen and front seats. A new range of engines is also available; drivers will now have the choice of the new 1.5 litre TDCi diesel engine, the 1.5 litre Petrol engine as well as the internationally award winning 1.0 lite EcoBoost engine.

More robust thicker sound deadening materials are now used to make for less cabin noise. Improvements have also been made to the ride and handling.