Ford’s New Glare Free High Beam

S-Max-Headlights2Ford’s new technology uses a camera mounted on the windscreen to sense the presense of other motorists and cyclists up to 800 metres away. The software takes into account the speed of the vehicle, the current ambinent lighting levels, the steering angle of the vehicle, and the distance to the vehicle in front. Using this data the system is able to determine when it is safe to switch to high beam.

Ford’s Research Engineer Michael Koheer said: “We found that some drivers are so concerned about dazzling other road users that they don’t use high beam at all. Ford’s glare-free high beam technology can remove that stress for drivers and help maximise the use of high beam – without causing any distraction to other road users and softly transitioning between settings to help the driver’s eyes adjust faster to the changing quantities of light.”

S-Max-HeadlightsThis new technology is currently available for the Ford S-Max and Galaxy, and will be made available for the new Ford Edge. Ford state that this new technology is going to be first made available for their larger vehicles, and should be moving towards the smaller models like the Focus and Fiesta in the future.


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