History of Honda Type-R’s!!

R = Racing

A brief history on the Type-R Family.

type-r family

The very first of the Honda cars to have the red badge was the RA272 Formula 1 car, the first Honda to win the Grand Prix in 1965 with a V12 engine.


1992 Honda NSX Type-R


1992 nxs type-r


The very first Type-R model but it was only availabl;e in Japan. The point was to develop a raod-racing car, hence the ‘champion white’ paintjob and Red Honda emblem.

– 3.0 litre engine 197bhp

1995 Honda Integra Type-R


1995 integra type-r

This is another Japanese only Type-R model

– 108 litre engine 197bhp

1997 Honda Civic Type-R


1997 civic type-r

Yet another Japanese only model but the first Civic to receive the Type-R treatment.

– 1.6 litre engine 183bhp

1998 Honda Integra Type-R


1998 integra type-r

This car was the first Type-R to reach European and American shores.

– 1.8 litre engine

1999 Honda Accord Type-R


1999 accord type-r

Not just in Japan, this model was also available in Europe too but was the least exciting Type-R.

– 2.2 litre with 210bhp

2001 Honda Integra Type-R


2001 integra type-r

This second-generation Integra was also a Japan only car, it was the first Type-R model to feature 2.0 litre four-cylinder engine with 218bhp.

2001 Honda Civic Type-R 


2001 civic type-r

This Civic Type-R was available in the UK with a 2.0 litre engine with 197bhp.

2002 Honda NSX Type-R


2002 nxs type-r


Japan only model with a 3.2 litre V6 with 276bhp.

2007 Honda Civic Type-R 


2007 civic type-r

This was the most recent Type-R, same as it’s predecessor, just a different shape.

Until NOW ………


2015 Honda Civic Type-R GT


civic type-r 2015

Turbo charged beast.

– 2.0 with 306bhp