Honda Civic Type-R vs CBR1000RR Fireblade SP

Auto Express Had a challenge where a Honda Road car takes on a Honda road bike around a track.

Honda Civic Type-R Vs CBR1000RR Fireblade SP

Honda started off producing the two wheelers but have produced the fastest road car, the Honda Civic Type-R until the new NSX arrives next year.

The Type-r is driven by British Touring Car Championship Matt Neal and the Honda motor bike is being ridden by British Super-bike Racer Dan Linfoot.

The bike has a massive advantage with its superior power-to-weight ratio of 848bhp/tonne compared to the Type-R’s 221bhp/tonne.

The Type-R had a 10 second start with it being dry, but had it been raining it would of been even as the Type-R would have been able to make up the time under braking and in the corners thanks for the four-wheel grip.

‘Dan predicted: “Really, out of a corner and down the straight the Civic doesn’t stand a chance, even though it has a top speed of 167mph.” ‘

Have a look for your self!!!

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