Honda FCV Concept for 2016

Unveiled ahead of 2016 production, the successor to the FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell car.

Honda are going to produce a car to rival the Toyota Mirar FCV, hydrogen fuel cell car, it is touted for a 2016 release.

The new FCV concept promises more than 435 miles just on one fill-up. It also demonstrates far more distinctive exterior styling than the previous FCX Clarity and has evolved from the FCEV concept shown at the last LA Motor Show.


Getting more miles on one tank is down to a new 70mp high pressure hydrogen tank.

Even thought the advanced fuel cell stack that is a third smaller than that used in Honda’s previous hydrogen efforts.

This tank can be charged in  around 3 minutes.

It beats the Toyota FCV’s range off around 300 miles.

Looking at the interior it has a minimalist dash layout, air-craft control steering wheel and appears uniquely futuristic.

Honda FCV Concept

Honda has also revealed that energy produced by the car will power electrical items from hydrogen, this is done by the Power Exporter, which is an external power feeding device. This can power most major functions in an average house hold as can produce up to 9 kW.


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