Honda Type-R Training

The sales associates here at Tunbridge Wells went on a training course last week for the Honda Type-R, learning about the Spec and testing out the beast of a car that it is.

The day consisted of verbal training learning about the car itself, the in’s and out’s, the specification that each model of the type-r has.

Then came the best part of the day ……. getting to drive the Type-R and then having a passenger ride around the track with a qualified driver, one driver drove Porsche’s for a living in the

Poor Bob nearly had a murder on his hands, Squirrel vs Type-R no contest right but fortunately for the squirrel it won!

Quotes from 3 of the Sales Associates about the Type-R:

Honda have created a monster” – Rob

The Type-R drove the nuts!!! Ask the squirrel” – Bob

Drove so Fast! Love it!” – Sam







Rob driving