International Abarth Day – On Saturday 29th October, the grand 2016 Abarth official meeting took place

International Abarth Day

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On Saturday 29th October, the grand 2016 Abarth official meeting took place, bringing thousands of fans to four European circuits: Silverstone in Great Britain, Nurburgring in Germany, Navarra in Spain and Tazio Nuvolari, near Pavia, in Italy.

A wide range of Abarth cars became stars of the show: from the eldest and most precious historical, built from 1949 – the year when the house of the Scorpion was born – onwards, to the brand new Abarth 595 and Abarth 124 spider.

All four events shared the same programme with some local differences, and involved the ever growing, 50,000 fans strong “The Scorpionship” community – which you can join for free on the website (

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There was an area dedicated to modern vehicles, one for classic cars and one for the Abarth Clubs affiliated to “The Scorpionship”, complementing a really intensive and exciting programme for all fans & admirers alike. Those who arrived in their own Abarth cars were able to park inside the paddock and drive them on the tracks, after purchasing the specific ticket.

Mopar were also at the show, the brand of reference for services, Customer Care, genuine spare parts and accessories for the FCA brands. Its Mopar Store allowed fans to buy official Abarth merchandise and accessories, and to admire the kits kept under glass. There were also limited edition clothes to celebrate the event. Mopar Express Care (MEC) also featured on the field, acting as a full mobile repairs workshop, complete with office section, diagnosis zone and operation area.

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Inside the entertainment area, designed for Abarth fans of all ages, there was the opportunity to use driving simulators, to challenge each other with remote controlled Abarth cars and, thanks to the new virtual reality, to configure the new Abarth 124 spider with all the fittings and colours in range.

There were opportunities to compete in exciting contests and access the Partner Village, featuring some of the top brands from the world of sports competitions and more, such as Michelin, Sabelt, Compagnia Ducale, Laudoracing Models and Breil.

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Each of the four circuits featured test drives on the tracks and outside, with the new cars of the Abarth range: the new 124 spider, the new 595 and the 695 two-seater.

Furthermore, visitors were able to experience the extreme Abarth performance by becoming co-driver of one of the exciting Abarth racing cars, driven by a professional pilot. A full event, that enabled all Abarth fans to get their adrenaline going on the track, and sharing the passion for the Scorpion brand.

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All in all fantastic event!


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Photographs courtesy of Agnello Guarracino (Dees of Croydon)

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