Jeep Versatility

Continuing on from the last Jeep blog here are a few more adventurous concepts some mad people have actually made.

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First up and without any introduction needed we have a couple of apocalypse vehicles, the wrangler has a kevlar exterior amongst other upgrades. The Willys Jeep on the right is a simple but effective design: extend the chasis and put a massive engine in and top of with a 50. Cal belt fed HMG

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I’m not to sure what models of Jeeps these are but the fact that they are Jeeps is impressive enough.

5                          6


8                         7


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Then the above 5 Jeeps seem to be a classic case of ‘because I can’. I’m not sure I’d try the water boat versions though. Again the Willys Jeep shows how just a simple extension and some massive tyres can give you a wow factor.

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The last group are a few off road vehicles that are taken a little more extreme. I’m not too sure how much original Jeep is left on the bottom right vehicle though.