Job well done by these workmen

Chelmsford-parkingRoad resurface workmen got a bit of a surprise when they went to relay a car park in Chelmsford on sunday. After numerous warnings from the council asking people to leave the car park free for the weekend, once motorist stilled parked there. None the less, the workmen had a job to do and nothing or no one would stop them. Not even if someone had left a convertible right in the centre of the car park.

To add insult to injury, the car is not only blocked in surrounded by wet tarmac, but a parking ticket has been slapped on the windscreen. The owner had a deadline of 18th May to move the Peugeot, but it is unknown whether they have done so. Let this be a lesson to everyone who ignores road signs.

Unfortunately, the owner of this car will not be driving it anytime soon, but if you want to get on the road, take a look at Dees of Wimbledon’s excellent new and used offers here; Dees of Wimbledon

Source – Mirror – Motoring – 20/5/16