Looking back at Honda cars!

Having a look at Honda cars that have been stopped in production or no longer imported into the UK.

Honda Insight

Launched in 1999 and the first generation insight was one of the first hybrid cars to go on sale in the UK.


honda insight

Honda Insight



Honda CR-Z

This car was a hybrid and was blend of both the 1999 Honda Insight and the first and second edition Honda CR-Xs. First out in 2010.


CR-X and CR-Z


In production from 2004 to 2009 but in market until 2011 and was the only Honda car to have 2 rows of 3 seats.




Executive Saloon, first produced in 1985-2012. This car is currently sering as the flagship car and provided the basis for the Acura Legend, RL and the RLX.

hondalegend 1985-1999

Legend 1985 and Legend 1999


First on sale in 1999 -2009. The S2000 is named for it’s engine displacement of 2 litres carring on in the tradition of the S500, S600 and S800 roadsters of the 1960. (It is me or does it look like the MX-5!)

Honda s2000


Stream –

on production from 2000 – 2014 and was the compact MPV.


Honda Stream 2001 001

2001 Honda Stream


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