Making the All-New Ford GT Street Legal


As you can probably imagine, making an all-new Le Mans worthy race car isn’t an easy task; transferring that into a road legal supercar is a whole new matter. As the new Ford GT is set to make it’s mark on the track, the Ford team are currently incredibly busy turning the track monster in a street legal version.


The movable rear wing will aid downforce and braking

Starting with the exterior of the car, a movable rear wing will be added. This wing will aid downforce as the car is moving and flip up to act as an air brake, assisting the brakes to slow the car down cutting the stopping distance of the vehicle. A large majority of the car is made from carbon, a strong, light weight material used in many high performance supercars and race cars. The carbon is essential and clearly visible as Ford powertrain manager Paul Seredynski explains “every bit of carbon in this car is real. If you see carbon, it’s part of the car’s structure.”

Moving to the side of the car, the very small, high mounted side mirrors have been replaced by much chunkier, more practical fixtures. The main reason is to comply with UK and European regulations. Marking lights have been added to the front and rear wheel arches, again to fit to regulations. Finally, at the back of the car the rear lights have had new bulbs fitted which make them much clearer through the red casing.


The alcantara interior can be replaced with leather

As confirmed, the all-new GT will be racing at Le Mans in the summer of this year; as a street-car production rule, cars must have production car amenities, such as storage space. This leads to Ford adding a boot in the front of the GT, probably a very small one, but small is better than none.

The interior of the GT will be available in leather, in addition to the alcantara material found in the race car. Alcantara is a much grippier material, ideal for racing drivers who need to stay planted in their seats.

Ford has not confirmed that the road legal GT is finished but all signs suggest that this is the closest yet. Confirmed or not, we are really excited to the see the rebirth of the legend both on the track and on the roads.


Source – – 18/1/16




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