Mazda CX-5 Advanced safety technology with i-ACTIVESENSE

Mazda CX-5 is officially one of the safest in the world after receiving five-stars – the highest possible safety rating – from Euro NCAP.  This maximum rating confirms the effectiveness of the SKYACTIV body and Mazda’s comprehensive safety concept.

mazda cx-5 i-activsense safety features

This car is also a leader in active car safety features, with the upgraded model featuring a comprehensive suite of innovative new technologies, as part of the optional Safety Pack on Sport Nav models.  The Lane-keep Assist System tells you if you’re about to leave your lane, automatically assisting. The new Driver Attention Alert monitors your driving and prompts you when to take a break. The Adaptive LED headlights allow high beams to be used even when following or approaching other vehicles, while Smart City Brake Support brakes automatically if you’re getting close to another vehicle.

Adaptive LED Headlights (ALH)

Available on the optional Safety Pack on Sport Nav models, the intelligent new Adaptive LED Headlights (ALH) respond to whatever’s ahead for superb night time visibility. To avoid dazzling other motorists, while still giving you an excellent view, the system automatically switches between high and low beams depending on traffic conditions.

The new Highway mode raises the beam at greater speeds, such as on motorways for visibility at a longer distance. While the wide low beam coverage gives you a better view at crossroads.

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Driver Attention Alert (DAA)

Available on the optional Safety Pack on Sport Nav models, Driver Attention Alert (DAA) is designed to detect any changes in your driving caused by fatigue. It constantly monitors your driving behaviour and if you’re getting tired a warning icon appears, directly in your line of sight, suggesting you take a break.

Smart City Brake Support (SCBS)

Standard across the range, Smart City Brake Support is designed to help avoid or minimise the effects of low-speed collisions, by using a highly accurate radar laser sensor system to monitor traffic. If the system detects a risk of collision, it pre-fills the brakes so they respond instantly if you apply them. If you don’t apply your brakes, this car safety feature makes an emergency stop when necessary.  It operates at speeds of 3mph to 19mph.

A fantastic application of this new safety feature is to the rear of the car, available on the optional Safety Pack on Sport Nav models, this is a first for the motor industry.  The feature uses radar sensors to help reduce the impact of or prevent a collision when reversing towards an obstacle at up to approximately 5mph.


Another new safety feature available on the optional Safety Pack on Sport Nav models, is RCTA. Activated once you put your Mazda CX-5 in reverse, the system alerts you of any vehicles approaching your rearward path, when backing out of a parking space, for example. An audible warning and flashing door mirror indicators inform you if any obstacles are within an unsafe distance. The alarm stops once the area is clear, allowing you to continue reversing safely.

“mazda cx-5 Rear Cross Traffic Alert”


Properly adjusted mirrors don’t always give the driver full visibility of adjacent vehicles, and a new safety feature available on the optional Safety Pack on Sport Nav models is BSM. Mazda CX-5s Radar-based system alerts you if a vehicle enters your blind spot. If you indicate to change lanes or a vehicle encroaches from up to 45m behind when driving, the system informs you via an audible warning alarm and flashing door mirror indicators. The alarm stops once it is clear, allowing you to safely change lanes.

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