Mugen Civic Type-R

Mugen Civic Type-R – The Honda’s new Civic Type-R has been given a Mugen upgrade, with a racy body-kit for the Tokyo Auto Salon.










The standard Civic Type-R is pretty striking but the Japanese tuner Mugen thinks it needs to be a bit more hardcore.

The concept of the Mugen Civic Type-R made its debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon last month.



Looking at the both you might say well what has change? Well lets have a closer look:


Front splitter is more aggressive and the wheel arches are wider.






The vents above the front are gone and the quad exhaust pipes have been replaced with just one large one.

Beefier front bumper and a lightweight rear wing.






Mugen racing seats take over.

Giving it a look quite like a BTCC touring car.


What do you think of it? Would it be worth the upgrades or is it a beast just the way it is?



This is a concept model in which we pursued every kind of possibility as we developed the CIVIC TYPE R. Based on the expertise gained by MUGEN through motor sports, we conducted repeated wind-tunnel testing and installed aero parts and functional parts that focus on aerodynamic performance and manoeuvrability. We are currently developing MUGEN parts for the market CIVIC TYPE R that will further improve the concept model.

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