New Ford Mustang features new knee bag

Since being introduced 35 years ago airbags have saved the lives of thousands of people. The New Ford Mustang is features a new type of knee airbag integrated into the actual glove box door as opposed to the more commonly used dashboard area, this new design gives passengers maximum leg room.

The new airbag is constructed in a revolutionary way, traditionally airbags have been constructed of a heavy duty textile fabric, the new knee airbag is constructed of precision moulded plastic swhich sits neatly between the inner and outer glove box door surfaces.

The new airbag is just 46cm long and 28cm wide and brings with it a considerable weight saving, always a bonus in a performance car where power to weight is a key consideration.

In the event of an impact the airbag bladder is inflated by a tiny gas generator all this happens in 20 milliseconds. This incredibly new weight saving design has so far been granted no less than 23 patents.

In total the new Ford Mustang comes equipped with 8 standard airbags. North American authorities have award the new Ford Mustang one of the highest safety awards. The new Ford Mustang will be available for sale in the UK for the first time in 50 years, it will be available as a fastback or a convertible,