New Honda Civic concept – 2017

New Honda Civic concept is to be out in 2017 with a sleek new look.

The Civic was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show this year and has also been seen out about for road testing.



Prototype out on the road


As you can see from the images the car has lost it’s current version’s high back, now incorporates a lower roof-line with a steep rear screen which will make manoeuvring definitely easier than before and with a longer bonnet than the previous Civic.

“This prototype is already on a very close level to mass production. When you see the final car, you will propably think it’s still the prototype” – Principle designer Diasuke Tsutamori

He also said:

“The current Civic has two weak points, one is the rear visibilty and the other is the high stance from the rear view. These two points were eliminated with the new design. We have lowered the rear spoiler and reduced it’s thickness. The window is now just one sheet so you do not have obstacles limiting your rear view”

The new Civic is 30mm wider, 20mm lower and 130mm longer than the current Civic. Honda bosses have assured that the large wheels and long wheelbase of the prototype will remain, hinting at a sportier yet roomier family hatchback.



The prototype at the Geneva Motor Show


Honda have confirmed of the engine range featuring in the new Civic’s will be 1.0 and 1.5 litre i-VTEC turbo engine, along with the 1.6 litre i-DTEC.

The new Civic will be built at Honda’s manufacturing facility in Swindon, UK, and confirming that £215M is being invested in new technology and process that will be in place when the car goes into production later this year.

This New Civic will hit showrooms in February next year!




Just to side track a bit but there has been hints of a new 10th generation Civic Type-R is ‘under construction’ with Tsutamri saying “You can take it as a fact this Civic hatchback already has enough material and talent in order to make a Type-R out of it