Nissan Considers New Electric Supermini

Nissans New Electric Small Car is expected to follow in the footsteps of the Renault Zoe

nisaan_ev_front_copy what the new electric small car could look like

Nissan has sold more than 200,000 examples of the Leaf since its launch in 2010 and is already planning is successor

Nissan Have invested 5.4 billion dollars which is 4.1 billion in English Pounds in the leaf

nissan need to ensure they are satisfying a lot of customers

in europe that means they will be pushing towards a fiesta type size vehicle

The first people who bought EVs were the proud early adopters.

The second people were the fleets.

And the third people were families, who wanted affordability and practicality. The Leaf is well placed to deliver to those customers, and will continue to do so.

The smaller vehicle could become a sister to the Renault Zoe potentially using its platform and battery technology

Would you buy the supermini to the leaf??

only time will tell if nissan release this vehicle more details to follow