Honda NSX

A lot of People Eager for the Release date of this long-awaited Hybrid Supercar and were looking forward to a date that sounds like 2015!

Well, that isn’t happening anymore, due to a minor set back in the Manufacturing process changing the engine layout for better performance, the release date will now, more than likely be spring 2016!

I doubt this will put people off waiting, as the whole UK allocation of built models have already been reserved! So, hopefully they’ll send us some more of their 550hp supercar!

A little bit about the car… a mid-engine layout including a Twin Turbocharged V6¬†and three Electric Motors help power the new NSX, two of the motors located on the front axle to drive each individual wheel delivering instantaneous torque! the other motor placed between the engine and the gearbox to support acceleration, braking and transmission.

the petrol-electric hybrid powers the AWD system Honda have insisted on the car having this time to increase handling and performance. the car also has four different driving modes ranging between Quiet (allowing the car to drive solely on the batteries for short-town journeys), sport, Sport+ and Track!

Ted Klaus, Chief Engineer, said “The NSX must stay true to the role it created, of being an everyday exotic,”

New Honda NSX

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