Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO! has well and truly en-captured the world, ironic isn’t it. Over 40 million people are running around outside capturing invisible monsters (myself included, no shame here). This was the great intentions from Niantic and Nintendo to get people outside, socializing over a common ground, all around the world. They envisioned people walking, running, cycling and generally using the app as way to lead a healthier gaming life… that lasted all of about a day, and the world is filled with PokeMasters realizing they can get better¬†Pokemon further afield, which in turn leads to them driving.

CarWOW have seen this as an opportunity and have come up with the PokeCar… Yes, the PokeCar! they have redesigned some of the most recognizable vehicles of today and fused them with those lovable monsters – et Viola, The PokeCAR!

So if your favourite Pokemon was a car, what would it be? maybe a Nissan Juke Picachu! A Land Rover Evoque Bulbasaur! Or a Mazda RX-8 Togepi!

See the full list here.. https://www.carwow.co.uk/blog/pokemon-cars-cute-mashup-or-unholy-alliance

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