Polestar: Past, Present and Future


Polestar is sporting technology that is used to optimise the power and performance in your Volvo. This technology gifts Volvo a more lively and thrilling experience. Not only does is increase the enjoyment of the ride, it also is said to increases safety in situations where you need extra performance, e.g. when overtaking.  Volvo and Polestar also state that this can all happen without increasing the fuel consumption or affecting your Volvo Original Warranty. 

Polestar logo

Through the years Polestar have competed in various touring car competitions across Europe with the 850, S40, C30 and S60 models. During 2008 Polestar gained an assignment from Volvo to develop their new C30 model into a successful race car. This assignment resulted incredibly in the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) being won twice just a year later. The development takes place at Polestar’s premises in Gothenburg, Sweden, where all parts of the car from the electrics to the chassis are prepared and tuned ready for each race.

S60 polestar

Polestar also works on projects for Volvo Car Corporation. Participation in the STCC is in collaboration with the Swedish sales organisation, Volvo Cars Sweden AB. In 2008 Polestar gained the contract to not only compete with the C30 model, but to develop the car. This lead swiftly to Polestar growing by 30% to take on the challenge. In 2010 the Polestar Performance power optimization was launched in a number of new markets and the company’s first concept car, the Volvo C30 Polestar Concept, got a grand welcome from media all around the world, including Top Gear.

C30 polestar

Polestar Racing has collaborated with Volvo since 1996 and is currently responsible for all of Volvo’s major undertakings in motorsport. Polestar has competed all over the world, together with drivers such as Rickard Rydell, Mattias Ekström, Jan “Flash” Nilsson, Robert Dahlgren, Tommy Rustad, Fredrik Ekblom, Thed Björk and more.

Next polestar

When looking into the future for Polestar, the company has released press info on two remodeled concept cars for the UK market. The first is the S60 Polestar concept, to which Christian Dahl, founder and CEO of Polestar states, “It is a car developed with our own preferences in mind which, we from experience know, are shared by a group of active drivers”. The next concept to look out for in the future is the C30 Polestar concept car. The Volvo C30 Polestar is said to be a “result of combining all knowledge and experience we at Polestar have from working with the C30 for racing purposes and the support from all skilled people within Volvo Cars Corporation.” These two road legal models are sure to bring some serious heat to British roads in the future, lets just hope they make it through the vigorous market evaluation processes.