Positive News About Diesel Cars-Nissan News

There has been a lot of speculation in the media of late about cleanliness of diesel vehicles and their impact on our environment.

The Image of modern diesels is being negatively affected by publicity and has led to guests and consumers looking for guidance on diesel in particular in 2 minds should they purchase a petrol or diesel car.

There is some key points:

*One in every two new cars registered in the uk remains a diesel with consumers valuing high performance and low fuel consumption

*Diesel is Criticial to reducing co2 emissions which in turn is tackling climate change. diesel cars emit on average 20% lower co2 than petrol equivalents. since 2002 diesel cars have saved 3.5 million tonnes of co2 from going into the atmosphere.

the latest euro 6 engine are the cleanest in history and light years away from their older counterparts. as well as special filters, they also features clever technology that converts most of the NOx from the engine into harmless nitrogen and water before it reaches the exhaust.

the latest euro 6 cars are classed as low emission for the purposes of the london ultra low emission zone due to come into force in 2019. Meaning drivers of these vehicles will be free to enter the zone without charge

Advanced diesel technology has virtually eliminated emissions of particular matter with 99% of these soot particulates captured by special filters fitted to all new diesel cars since 2011. around half of diesels on the road now boast a diesel particulate filter or also known as (DPF)

With recent reports DIESEL CARS ARE NOT THE MAIN SOURCE OF NOx. While road transport as a whole is responsible for around half of London’s NOx, diesel cars produce just 11% although concentrations will vary at different times depending on congestion.

Emissions Control Technology

SCR-is an active exhaust gas after-treatment system to reduce nox emissions

DEF- Diesel Exhaust Fluid(commonly known as AdBlue) is a water based urea solution injected into the exhaust to reduce NOx emissions

DPF-Diesel Particulate Filter removes 99.9% of all particles before they leave the exhaust.

so to sum up you should really buy diesel if thats the choice for you for better MPG and good power.

both fuel’s are still efficient and great for the environment.