Mazda has been the most successful car brand at developing the rotary engine, which it still uses on its cars until today. With the company’s RX-Vision concept regarded as the highlight of the Tokyo auto show held last year, news outlets have since asked the company of future plans on its production.

Talking about the brand’s infamous engine, the announcement of the RX concept have coincided with Mazda’s introduction of its upgraded version, called the SkyActiv-R engine. Car enthusiasts have been since speculating on whether or not the RX concept would turn out to be a new sports coupe, say the RX-9.

A visit to Melbourne recently by Yuji Nakemine, senior managing executive officer and global director of Mazda Corp, resulted in an interview over the RX-Vision’s future. He said that the company was encouraged by the idea of bringing the concept to the market, however, the plans on the vehicle’s mass production has remained unclear as of the moment.

The Japanese car maker’s focus has been with its new release, the MX-5 sports car. Mazda has been upfront with its optimism on the MX-5’s sales, yet the company remains adamant on the sales volume growth, as per the publication.

A related report stated that Mazda has already completed its patent application on an upcoming turbocharged engine, which is hugely believed to power the RX-Vision. Still, the auto maker is trying to re-calibrate financial priorities before beginning production on the newest concept.

Nakemine also emphasized that the development of another sports car would require a lot of financing, especially with the RX mark on it. He also mentioned that although the public is curious about the RX-Vision’s status, Mazda wants to make sure it has adequate funding and engineering resources.

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