The future of Honda with the new CEO

Honda has had a great year so far in 2015, updated their models and return to Formula 1.

The NSX is soon to be among us, they were the stars of the Frankfurt Motor show, with the 2&4 (half bike half car).






Honda’s new CEO Takahiro Hachigo only took over the top position back in February of this year and he provides some insight into his vision of the brands future. Everything has seem to come at once with Honda with them releasing new models and face lifts of the models too.

“Honda has taken steps to evolve our global operations to swiftly respond to the needs of an increasingly competitive, ever-changing global marketplace and deliver products that will satisfy our customers. The new Jazz and new HR-V, which were both developed under this system and employ our next- generation drive-train, can be called truly global models.

“It just so happened that 2015 was the year in which the timing of the launch of the new Jazz and HR-V fell, and this coincided with the minor model changes of the Civic and CR-V.” – Takahiro Hachigo

Something else that Hachigo spoke about was motor sports, how it has an impact on Honda and the he speaks about Honda in the F1:

“At Honda, we refer to our ‘challenging spirit’. Motorsport, including F1, has been close to our hearts at Honda since we first got involved in the sixties. We regard motorsport as a space in which to test technologies and develop engineers, not a means by which to improve our brand image.”

“Ever since its establishment, Honda has been a company which strengthens its technology, associates, and its company structure by taking on challenges in racing. Because we maintain this spirit, Honda made the decision to once again take the challenge to race in F1 as a powertrain supplier, with McLaren as our partner.  However, as you pointed out, we have found the competition in F1 is even fiercer than expected, especially with regards to advanced hybrid technology, and we are now facing a challenging moment. We understand it is not an easy task, and we should not expect a radical change in our performance in the near future, but we remain dedicated to achieving the first win with this team and we will continue to make our best efforts with McLaren to achieve better results and success in the future.”





Have you ever wondered what would happen to Honda with-in the UK if we ever left the Europe? Well Hachigo tells us:

 “We recognise that the development of both the diesel engine and downsized turbo technology to new levels has been driven by European market demand. Europe also has one of the highest standards for car safety requirements and environmental standards.  Striving to be successful in such a unique and competitive European market and getting feedback from European customers is significantly important for Honda, because we believe it will further contribute to our product development and make Honda globally competitive.”

“Honda remains firmly committed to car production in the UK and Europe. Our production activity in the UK plays a key role for our business in terms of providing products to the European market… and beyond.  As we announced in late March 2015, Honda will invest a further £200million into Honda UK Manufacturing (HUM) into new, advanced production technologies and processes. This move will help to secure the long-term role and future of HUM and Honda car manufacturing in Europe. It brings Honda’s total investment in HUM to over £2.2billion since 1985. Furthermore, HUM will become a global production hub for the next-generation Civic five-door model, which will be exported to key global markets, including North America. These are major milestones as we underline the importance of the region to Honda globally and secure a strong future for our car manufacturing in Europe.”




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