The Giulia Sportwagon is no more…

Alfa Romeo have made the decision to stop the development of the Alfa Giulia Sportwagon. The decision was made so that Alfa could concentrate on the next wave of product development e.g. The Stelvio. ¬†Manufacturing chief Alfredo Altavilla stated¬†it wasn’t necessary if the Stelvio drove well- also saying “With our fine-tuning, the Stelvio can capture all the people who would otherwise have been interested in the Sportwagon”.

Certain the Stelvio is a fine craft of machinery, especially in Quadrifoglio form, and being based on the Giulia anyway- the Stelvio became a substitute to the Giulia Sportwagon. This was certain, at least after Alfa claims the Stelvio will be the fastest SUV to lap the Nurgurbring.

In short the Sportwagon was killed off by the Stelvio, non-surprising considering the rise in SUV sales coincided with the fall in desire for premium estates, although somewhat very similar in design. Regardless, the Stelvio seems like a worthy substitute, which many are excited to try for themselves.


On paper, the Stelvio QV will hit 60mph in 3.9 seconds and max out around 177mph, while its 8-speed automatic gearbox is in action.. Providing you have it in race mode. Of course, however those looking for a more affordable SUV can always purchase something like the recently announced Stelvio First Edition, powered by a 2.0 litre four-cylinder, good for 280bhp. Its still good enough for 0-60 in around 5.7 seconds, giving competitors a big run for their bucks!