The History of the Focus RS


Looking back through the history of Ford Focus RS cars, it’s no surprise the new model is so eagerly anticipated. Featuring a 2.3 litre EcoBoost engine generating a staggering 345 bhp, the RS is available from the early stages of next year.

Ford RS models have been around long before the Focus. Escort and Sierra are the biggest names to have granted a high performance upgrade and donned with the RS badge. We have to go back 40 years to find the roots and pick up the very first creation, the Escort RS1800. Unfortunately sales were limited to only 109, so finding, let alone buying one is no easy or affordable task. 9 years later, we had the RS200, followed by the Sierra RS Cosworth the following year and finally the Escort RS Cosworth in 1994. 2002 saw the very first Focus RS, fitted with a 212 bhp turbo charged engine, 18″ Oz alloy wheels, stiffened suspension and torsen differential, aimed to maximize grip by putting the right power through individual wheels.

The second generation RS arrived in 2007, the engine beefed up to produce 300bhp and a body kit as aggressive as the sound of the power train. A limited edition RS500 was also built with an extra 50 bhp added. Numbers were limited to 500 worldwide and only 101 were released in the UK. The all new Ford Focus RS is set for release in early 2016 and will definately be worth the wait.

Take a look at the RS in further detail here as well as other future Ford vehicles ;

Images – – 02/09/2015

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