The New P85D


The P85D has instead of a single electric motor driving the rear wheels has one on each axle.

This raises it to 464bhp, and with the front wheels offering an additional 218bhp, you end up with a combined output of 682bhp and 687lb ft. Not bad for a respectable-looking five or seven-seat family hatchback.

The top speed 155mph, and 0-60mph is claimed to take just 3.2sec which is the same time as the benchmark for the Ferrari 458 Speciale.

If you have a regular 85 there is an upgrade option for £41000 available.

To activate the P85D’s full potential, you press a button on the central touchscreen marked ‘Insane’.

The luggage capacity is still enormous, with space under the bonnet and in the traditional boot totalling almost 1800 litres.

a 17in touchscreen through which you control the majority of the vehicle functions, as well as infotainment or navigation.

Tesla Model S P85D

Price: £79,080 with a £5000 government grant.

Engine: Two electric motors

Power: 682bhp;

Torque: 687lb

Weight: 2238kg;

Top speed: 155mph; 0-60mph 3.2sec;

Range: 300 miles;

CO2/tax band: 0g/km/0%