Top 5 rarest Honda cars

These below are the rarest top 5 Honda cars built.

Number 5

Honda S500: Produced between 1963-1964 and only 1,363 made

Groovy swinging 60’s sports car




Number 4

Honda Life Pickup: Produced between 1973-74 and only 1,132 made

A small pickup that could carry a lot of weight for it’s light weight but cut when it’s brother the TN7 came more popular



Number 3

Honda Torneo SiR-T: Produced between 1997-2000 and only 1,100 made

Sportier sibling of the Accord



Number 2

Honda EV Plus: Produced between 1997-1999 and only 340 made

First battery electric vehicle. None were sold so they offered them on a three year lease deal and then recycled them straight after the lease.



Number 1

NSX-R GT (JDM): Produced 2002 and only 5 made

The rarest with only 5 made and was made for one job to win the Super GT racing series, rules were you had to have 5 cars to enter. All were sold in Japan.





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