Top 5 reasons to buy a Fiat 500

The fiat 500 is a easy to use car. The fiat 500 has a great style of retroness and brings out a lot of the drivers personality.The fiat 500 comes with a great amount of accessories and with its funky looks its a car that is in very high demand.


So here are the top 5 reasons to buy one from oldham motors.


The convertible choice

1.Go with a 500c which is the convertible and enjoy the summer weather,  With this version of the 500 just unfold the rooftop and off you go.


Spoilt for choice 

2. The great thing about the 500 is the amount of customized options it comes with. Be it kitting its interior or choosing those cool vinyl paint colors on the outside.


Driver friendly

3. The car can be driven by anyone. The fiat 500 comes with great reliability and a brilliant nippy little city car to just to get out and about. Come and test drive one of the 500’s at our dealership at oldham motors 


simple to use

4. Start the engine and your off to a great start in the fiat 500. Fiat have made the interior so much clutter free and easily visible for the driver to where all the control are of the car. If you want to know more just come and see for yourself.


Inspired design

5. The fiat 500’s design is an offshoot from the from the original 500 of 1957. The car has one of the most recognisble and retro funk designs coming back onto the road.