Volvo adds the Roadhawk Camera to its list of dealer fit accessories


The Roadhawk DC-2 dashcam has been added to Volvo Car’s UK accessory range.

The cameras will be launched through the November edition of My Volvo magazine, with Volvo dealers being able to hardwire the cameras into the vehicles they sell.


The company has worked with Volvo Cars in the UK previously, including on Volvo’s Chauffeur programme, which offered chauffeurs buying a Volvo car a free RoadHawk camera.

RoadHawk’s products are also offered as part of Volvo’s Copilot scheme, for which their products underwent a rigorous testing process to ensure their dashboard camera met all the requirements for use in their vehicles.

These tests ensured the system met all current regulations for the use and positioning of in-vehicle camera.


Volvo had to certify that sun visors could be used fully and guarantee that the system did not interfere with any of the safety features of the cars, in particular the airbag system.

John Watkins, executive chairman of Trakm8 Group, who acquired the RoadHawk brand in June 2015, said: “This contract further strengthens the exceptional relationship between RoadHawk and Volvo Car UK and I am delighted that Volvo car customers will be able to experience the benefits of RoadHawk technology. This contract demonstrates how the RoadHawk brand is quickly positioning itself as the number one choice for any business or individual aiming to improve their level of road safety and protection in accidents.”

Hanif Jivani, accessory product manager, Volvo Car UK, said: “Volvo Car UK’s partnership with RoadHawk provides Volvo Car customers with the latest dashboard camera mounted technology.  Dash cameras are becoming ever popular with customers and insurance companies and this product is an excellent addition to the Volvo Car Accessory range which further enhances Volvo Safety credentials.”