Volvo Developing Streaming TV/Video on Demand for its Autonomous Car Range


Volvo is reportedly working with Ericsson to watch HD streaming television in its future self-driving cars.

The announcement, made at CES 2016, forms part of Concept 26, the automaker’s vision for autonomous vehicles.

Volvo said that developing new streaming systems for self-driving cars would allow their occupants to sit back and “watch their favourite TV shows in high definition”.

Doing that presents a problem: bandwidth. Volvo said its work with Ericsson would help deliver reliable and speedy data connections outside densely populated areas, allowing everyone to sit back and stream Netflix while travelling.

Ericsson will provide support in terms of networking and cloud services for Volvo’s in-car streaming plans. Volvo said the system could allow its cars to predict the route that will be taken and “intelligently” buffer and tailor streaming to ensure uninterrupted viewing.