Why buying a dash cam could be a good investment!

As technology is continuing to progress recording devices are getting small, better defined and being put to good use in situations such as road traffic collisions. If you haven’t already purchased a dash cam, or are undecided on whether one is worth the money here are a few points on why a dash cam could be a worthy investment.

Having dash cam evidence to hand could be critical evidence in the event of a crash for your insurance to pay out or even for the Police to investigate. Say if you have an accident and there are no witnesses and/or the third party has witnesses that may be friends/family these could be biased the claims process could be lengthy and not go in your favor even if you wasn’t at fault! Having the hard evidence to provide could speed up the process and show who is liable for the crash.

The dash cam can also protect you against scams that are being used more and more in the UK now such as ‘Crash for Cash..’ This is where someone purposely will cause you to crash into them or crash into you so them can blame the crash on you to make money from legal proceedings against you. Claiming injuries and damage to their vehicle to earn¬†money when your insurance pays out! This could put you in some trouble financially if you need to pay for your insurance excess, or the damage to your vehicle if you are not full comprehensive. ¬†And/or cause you to be without you vehicle for sometime while it gets repaired.

Some dash cams can also be used to record full journeys, so you could record a nice cruise out into the sunset on a Sunday evening or even a nice drive in the country. Or even show the hustle of the city that you may have to deal with on a day to day basis!

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