Would a Discount for First Time Passers Reduce Young Driver Accident Rates ?


Unfortunately, 12% of drivers aged between 17-19 have a fatal or serious accident within their first 2 years on the roads, even though they only make up 1.5% of total drivers. It is the thought the main reason for this alarming stat is inexperience and the fact that the young driver is simply not ready to hit the roads.

The Department for Transport (DfT) is proposing a possible aid to help reduce the accident rates. When someone applies to take their driving test, they must pay the fixed fee, usually around £75 and then a deposit. The deposit will be returned if they pass first time. This refundable deposit will be an incentive for the driver to only take their test when they have had suitable time gaining experience on the roads and both they and their instructor agree that they are ready; rather than rushing in, failing their test or passing without enough experience.

Motoring research charity RAC Foundation welcomed the proposal. The organisation’s director, Steve Gooding, said: “We support measures that will encourage learner drivers to get the experience they need to pass their test first time with flying colours, rather than barely scraping through or failing and having to repeat the process a few months down the road at yet more expense.”

A response from the DfT is expected on the 8th January.


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